stacksnippet aims to combine the preciseness of Google Search with Stack Overflow's vast reservoir of helpful code snippets -- all clutter removed.

Everybody is forgetful. Especially when switching between technologies a lot, you might want to look up a simple snippet. In scripting language X, is it

  • list.join(",")
  • implode(',',$list) or
  • ', '.join(list) ?

stacksnippet provides a reference for code you are expected to already be familiar with. The explaining text is hidden by default, as the focus is on code only.

If unsure about caveats or side effects, the full answers are always available. You can toggle the full text with (+) or directly go to the Stack Overflow page by clicking on the number of votes. (Or just ignore the answer text completely, if you prefer the shoot-yourself-in-the-foot / stacksort mentality.)

Created by:

Wieland Morgenstern
Graduate Student at Technische Universit├Ąt Ilmenau

Find me on GitHub and, of course, Stack Overflow.
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Thanks to Felix and Tietze for help with Code & Design.